Caroline's Website

I don't know if it's possible to find love online but I won't know unless I 'put myself out there'. If it's not possible then hopefully I gain new friends along the way.

About Me:

I'm a very young at heart 48. I'm single with a grown daughter and one grandson, and I live in Toowoomba (Queensland). I've been very independant all of my life and although I'm very happy, I feel that having someone in my life to share the good and the bad, would be very special.

Friends would describe me as eccentric and funny, but underneath all that I'm actually very shy, although I do have a great sense of humour!

I'm very easy going, hate to argue or fight, am well educated and have travelled a great deal.

I guess if you would like to know about me any more, the best idea is to contact me and ask?

Contact me here (I'm also on MSN):

I'm looking forward to hearing from you even just to chat.....


Me with a Korean student......took me 3 months to get a smile!


Two of my older students....great kids in Korea

Photos of me....taken by my grandson (he's only 5!)

Well its is taken by my grandson....and I'd just got out of bed!

Another photo taken by my grandson.....

He got a bit better least he waited until I had a shower, although he got so close it looks a bit strange...................